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Bc Place Collective Agreement

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As long as this agreement persists, there must be no strikes or lockouts. (c) to establish that a provision of a collective agreement that is in force for all or part of the workers and that binds all workers must remain effective and binding for a mandate determined by the Board of Directors, 2) If a union coordinates collective bargaining on behalf of more than one bargaining unit, the results of a vote organized by the union of a given bargaining unit may : , will not be counted until all bargaining units operating in the bargaining unit have voted. 2. The employer shall not compel a person working in a place of establishment for which the strike or lockout takes place to perform the work of a worker in the strike unit who is on strike or who is excluded without the consent of the person. The current collective agreement is applicable until March 31, 2022. If the agreement were to expire before a new agreement is reached, the current agreement will last until a new agreement is ratified. (c) order an employer or union to take disciplinary action against an employee and that has been issued in violation of a collective agreement resulting from strikes, lockouts or strikes authorized by this code, or attempt to convince workers to join a union that took place in and out of an employer`s workplace. Paragraph 34, paragraph 33, applies to the revocation of collective agreement rights where a union is a party to a collective agreement but is not certified for workers covered by the collective agreement. Your collective agreement is a legally binding document between HEABC and Resident Doctors of BC. The terms of the agreement indicate an obligation between all parties to create a safe working environment for you and your patients, while ensuring that you have the support you need to complete your training and thrive in your profession.

the Board of Directors may order that the provisions of a section 15 collective agreement not apply to the worker and that the worker is not required to join a union, be a member of a union, continue to be a member or pay the union, or pay dues, fees or duties to the union. where amounts for possible introductory fees, taxes or other taxes are paid by the worker to a non-profit organization registered in Canada as a not-for-profit organization pursuant to Part I of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and may be designated by the Board of Directors, or transferred by the employer to a non-profit organization in Canada. 2. The Advisory Committee`s provision provides that the parties regularly consult, during the duration of the agreement, workplace issues relating to the parties or a worker related to the agreement. 108 When a special public servant makes an order on a case that is not in the collective agreement or that departs from the provisions of the collective agreement, the decision is applicable to parties or disputes for a period of no more than 30 days. (f) require an employer to provide, in appropriate locations, a communication that the Board of Directors deems necessary to draw workers` attention to a procedural issue, 3. If an application is not made in accordance with the second part, workers in the unit for which an artisanal or professional union is the bargaining partner of this section must be excluded from another unit for collective bargaining purposes and are not considered. as members of another entity within the meaning of this code. Depending on its availability, the employer will endeavour to provide lockable warehouses for the placement of personal items for residents who must work in the operating rooms. The employer is not required to install or modify existing lockers to meet its obligation under this provision.

The employer may require the resident to provide its own lock. 3. The Chamber may designate, under Section 72, entities, productions and services provided, provided or legally provided by employer workers who are insured by