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List Of Agreement Between India And Pakistan

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16 a). Distribution of canteen warehouse assets There was no disagreement over the amounts to be distributed between the two countries from the excess assets of canteen operations. The only disagreement was the limited question of Pakistan`s distribution of the Indian government`s share of the expenditure to cover pre-partition expenses. On behalf of India, it was agreed that liquidators would pay their share directly to the Pakistani government, as in the past. Agreement between India and Pakistan on the most complete and satisfactory use of the waters of the Indus 28 river system. Central Charitable Fund Allocation between India and Pakistan It was agreed to allocate the assets of the Birdwood Sword of Honour Fund in proportion 2: I and the Indian People`s Famine Trust Fund in proportion to 82 1/2: 17 1/2 for India and Pakistan. Pakistan has agreed to waive its asset-sharing claim from the Indian Institute of Science. 29) allocation and tally between (a) the central government and the provinces, and b) a province and another province of partial responsibility for divisible pensions for services provided by government officials prior to division. It was agreed that the Pakistani government`s proposals should be further reviewed and answered in letter 7586-B/50 of 19-9-50. Important agreement/Protocol/Declaration/Protocol (s) between India and Pakistan since independence. Agreement between India and Pakistan regarding the prior publication of military exercises, manoeuvring and troop movements between India and Pakistan on reducing the demand for drugs and preventing illicit drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals and related issues Intergovernmental Agreement between India and Pakistan on ad hoc interim arrangements for 1955 regarding the use of the India-Pakistan Indus Water Agreement on the release and repatriation of detainees in both countries before the end of the war. The two countries have also signed contracts for the resumption of trade, suspension of visa requirements and resumption of telegraph and postal exchanges. When India and Pakistan attempted to re-establish diplomatic and functional relations after the Second World War between them, they created a series of interlocking treaties.

Although the treaty network has not reduced or eliminated cross-border violence between India and Pakistan, it shows the ability of states to find areas of cooperation that can ultimately spread to other issues, the improving mutual cooperation. For example, when the international conflict developed, India and Pakistani diplomats held joint talks to allow Indian pilgrims access to the Kartarpur Sikh Shrine in Pakistan.